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Teacher Information, Support and Resources
(The links below will take you to the selected topics.)
Curriculum Information Grading Policy
and Rubrics
SOL Test Information

Planning for Instruction

Overview of Documents and Materials

PWCS Curriculum Guide

Pacing Guide
(2015 - 2016)

Planning Calendar and Unit Guides
These documents are intended to support teachers as they plan their math instruction. The are located on the Math Staff Communities page.
Lesson Plans from VDOE
Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS) Sample Lesson Plans
Mathematics ESS Sample Lesson Plans help teachers align instruction with the 2009 Mathematics SOL by providing examples of how the knowledge and skills found in the SOL and Curriculum Framework can be presented to students in the classroom. The lesson plans are accessible using a keyword search, or by selecting specific SOL objectives organized by grade level and reporting category. Teacher Focus Gruops have reviewed these lessons and many of them are linked within the PWCS Unit Guides and Supplemental Lessons.

Mathematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards for Grades K-8
Mathematics vocabulary word wall cards provide a display of mathematics content words and associated visual cues to assist in vocabulary development. The cards should be used as an instructional tool for teachers and then as a reference for all students, particularly English learners and students with disabilities

Vertical Alignments

Curriculum Strands

Overview of Objectives
by Grade

Number and Number Sense

Computation and Estimation



Probability and Statistics

Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Grading Policy and Rubrics
PWCS Elementary School Grading Regulation
Grading Rubrics
These are generic rubrics that can be used when evaluating student work.

Rubric Domains

Kindergarten Rubric

Grades K-2 Rubric

Grades K-2 Rubric (copier friendly)

SOL Assessment Information and Practice Items
Note: It is strongly recommended that SOL released items from years prior to spring of 2012 should not be used for SOL Test practice or providing information regarding readiness for this exam. This is because those items do not reflect the content nor the rigor of the 2009 Standards of Learning.
SOL Testing Blueprints
Posted SOL testing blueprints indicate the reporting categories for each SOL test, the SOL assessed in each reporting category, the number of test items for each reporting category and for the test as a whole, and the number of field test items for the test.
SOL Practice Items and TestNav Tools Practice
SOL practice items provide students an opportunity to become familiar with new types of items that reflect the increased rigor and new content found in the 2009 Mathematics SOL. These practice items contain technology-enhanced items (TEI) that require students to demonstrate their learning in ways other than a multiple choice format.

Prince William County teachers are expected to use the practice item guide with students, as it will help ensure that sudents are familiar with the types of items that they may encounter while taking the mathematics test. The directions in the guide will also lead students through practice with the online tools, and will familiarize them with how to navigate through the tests, and how to use the Section Review screen within TestNav™.

Please note that the practice items are not intended to be a complete test and are not intended to cover all content for the grade level or course. Furthermore, while the practice items provide examples of some TEI, they are not intended to represent all types of functionality associated with these item types.

To further assist in familiarizing students with the tools available within TestNav, the online testing software used in Virginia, Mathematics Online Tools Practice has also been made available. The TestNav Tools Practice sets will provide students opportunities to practice using the online tools such as the ruler, straightedge, protractor, and compass. Not all tools included in this application are used for all grades 3-8. To reference the tools available for a particular grade level math test, see Online Tools Available on the Mathematics SOL Tests (PDF)

View a
narrated demonstration with examples of various technology-enhanced item types that may appear on the Mathematics SOL tests. These new SOL tests may consist of approximately 10 to 15% technology-enhanced items. These items are not multiple choice.

Strategies for Minimizing Testing Times and Improving Performance on the Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests: A Summary of Interviews with School Division Staff
With the implementation of new tests based on the 2009 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) in 2011-2012, some divisions experienced an increase in the amount of time taken by students to complete the SOL tests while others did not. In response to concerns about the amount of testing time associated with the new mathematics tests, the student assessment staff at the Virginia Department of Education conducted interviews with representatives from sixteen divisions whose students achieved at least a 70 percent pass rate for one or more mathematics tests and completed the mathematics SOL tests within the time frames described in this memo. The interviews provide several excellent suggestions to consider as schools continue to prepare students for these more rigorous assessments.

Professional Development
Elementary Mathematics Workshops for New PWCS Teachers
These half-day sessions are required for all elementary teachers who are new to PWCS. The purpose of these half-day sessions is to prepare our teachers new to PWCS for the upcoming units and to assist them in planning for them. Resources to support these units are also provided to teachers who attend these sessions. Registration for these sessions has opened in the Professional Learning Online Catalog. Click here for the schedule for dates and session information for each grade level.
Additional PWCS Mathematics Professional Development Opportunities
Opportunities for professional development in mathematics are offered throughout the year for teachers at all grade levels. For the most current offerings, go to the Professional Development catalog and search the Mathematics curriculum area. Most courses and workshops provide recertification hours for teachers and typically come at no cost to PWCS teachers.
Teachers as Readers of Mathematics
Teachers as Readers is an opportunity to work with a group of teachers from your school at your own location and on your own schedule. Teachers select a book to read and discuss together and complete a reflection. PWCS teachers earn 10 recertification hours for successful completion of the requirements. Visit The Teachers As Readers page on Staff Communities for details.
Professional Development Resources (from VDOE)
Over the past four years, the VDOE has held statewide K-12 Mathematics SOL Institutes that provided targeted professional development for school divisions in support of the implementation of the 2009 Mathematics SOL. Professional development resources from each Institute are posted online to facilitate ongoing professional development in school divisions. The 2012 Mathematics SOL Institutes provided a set of posted online professional development modules for grade level or subject area teams of teachers focusing on the use of mathematics formative assessments to drive instructional decisions.
Instructional Videos for Teachers (from VDOE)
Instructional videos provided assist teachers in addressing areas of instructional challenge for mathematics content in kindergarten through grade 8.



Online Tools and Resources

Pearson SuccessNet  gives teachers access to the following online components:
*  Teacher Edition planning resources
*  Student Resources (Shapes, GeoLogo, and e-tools) 
*  Investigations Student Math Handbook in English and/or Spanish
*  Online Activities in English and Spanish (supplemental activities to meet SOLs)
*  Resource Masters in English and Spanish (from the Teacher Resource Binder)
*  Transparency Masters in English and Spanish (in the Teacher Resource Binder)
*  The ability to send notices to students and parents

Directions for accessing and using Pearson SuccessNet
The Pass Codes needed to complete registration can be found on the Staff Communities pages for every grade level in a folder called SuccessNet. You must have a faculty SchoolFusion login and password to access these resources.

Success Tracker
Success Tracker is a part of SuccessNet that allows teacher to use online tests or create their own. Reports are automatically generated. Teachers need a SuccessNet account before using this feature. Download
this tutorial to help you get started. 

Interactive Online Resources
(Available to teachers by logging into Staff Communities)
  • Smartboard and Promethean Board files were created or compiled by Teacher Focus Groups
  • Interactive Web sites organized by unit
Illuminations: Dynamic Paper
Need a number line that goes from 0 to 1 by tenths? Or a set of pattern blocks where all shapes have one-inch sides? You can create all those things and more with the Dynamic Paper tool. Place the images you want, then export it as a PDF activity sheet. Note: Illuminations has 104 online activities available. Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to see  other wonderful applets and lessons available at this site.


Additional Resources
Suggested Supplemental Resources
VA Department of Education

Enhanced Scope and Sequence - 2004 (Lesson Plans)
Strategies for Teaching LEP Students

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Elementary School Resources
Navigations Series
(lesson plans and activities)

The following resources were purchased K-5 for every elementary school
by the Office of Mathematics:

Super Source books and CD of lessons (ETA)

Fundamentals (Origo)

Most of the following resources are available for checkout
from the
PWCS Professional Library

Math Solutions / Marilyn Burns
(books, lesson plans, and other resources)

Mathematics... A Way of Thinking (Baratta-Lorton)

AIMS Education Foundation

Teaching Student Centered Mathematics (Van de Walle)

Teaching Student Centered Mathematics Blackline masters
(free download)


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